Alexandre is a conductor and solo violinist
of international renown, recognized as one of the best Stehgeigers in the world (Play & Conduct).

He's appeared as guest soloist and conductor in more than 2000 concerts across four continents and over 30 countries in the world's most prestigious venues
with the most renowned orchestras and conductors.
He currently serves as Music Director of the
Quebec Philharmonic Orchestra and
Artistic Director of the Stradivaria Festival.

“When I play, my instrument becomes
the extension of my soul"
Sony Classical artist, Juno Award winner and Longueuil Symphony’s Chief Conductor and artistic director, Alexandre Da Costa is a conductor and violinist of international renown, which has led him to be guest soloist and conductor on four continents and 30 countries, in more than 2,000 concerts in the most illustrious halls such as Vienna’s Musikverein, Berlin’s Philharmonie, New York’s Carnegie Hall and with the most prestigious orchestras in the world such as the London Royal Philharmonic, the Montreal Symphony and the Vienna Symphony.

His vision is to lead with his violin whenever the repertoire allows it, as it was done up until the post-romantic period. Although Alexandre often picks up the traditional baton to conduct some of the greatest symphonic works by Tchaikovsky, Sibelius and Dvorak, he pushes the boundaries of the Play & Conduct technique to include most of Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Schumann’s symphonies as standard repertoire to be played under the direction of a Stehgeiger (conductor-soloist, standing violinist who leads a musical ensemble, violin in hand).

Only a handful of musicians in the world dare to share music this way, and Alexandre is the only such representative in North America, a considerable asset and a source of pride for the Quebec Philharmonic Orchestra.

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